Quality time with our children

It seems like as the years go by our lives become more chaotic.We run around doing so much that we loose ourselves and loose track of time. Fast forward and our kids are adults and we ask ourselves where did the time go ?


I watched this video and it really go to me. It shows you the simple most important thing that our children need and want is quality time with us. Wether it be sitting together having lunch, spending some family time playing games or simple sitting around and talking to one another. Lets cherish the time we have with our children because in a blink of an eye they will be busy with their own lives and we will be the ones asking them to slow down and come eat lunch with us.

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Why bulky winter coats and car seats don’t mix

We are all guilty of overdressing our kids when we feel that the weather has cooled down, especially in Kuwait because we are not used to cold winters. Research has shown that we should never but our children in a car seat wearing their jackets as it can be very dangerous and unsafe for our children.

Watch the video below and please share it with all the parents you know.

Car seat alert: A winter coat could endanger your child

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Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks. There are so many amazing stories, inspirational talents and talks that can change the way you see and do things. One of my favorite TED Talks is By Cameron Herold. called  Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs. He poses the question: “Why not train our kids to be entrepreneurs instead of employees?” Why do we hire tutors to address our children’s shortcomings, instead of hiring ones who bolster their talents? In our society have we made it so easy for our children; failed to let them learn the hard lessons and in no means  spurred their creativity ?

An entrepreneur since childhood, Cameron Herold wants parents and teachers to recognize — and foster — entrepreneurial talent in kids.




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