Time to get organized!

With the school year coming to an end I decided to take advantage of the holiday (since there are no travel plans yet) and get organized around the house. Our study area is overflowing with school papers, art work, you name it! and the playroom is a mess and needs a makeover. I came across some great ideas and thought about sharing them. You might get inspired to do some summer organizing as well ;)

It is always better to have all you important papers, birth certificates, and passports in one place. Always try to have the expiry date of certain documents in an easy place to few them so you don’t find out that your passport has expired on the way to the airport. Yes, unfortunatly it has happened a few times!

Kids will be coming home with numerous papers and folders and most of it will be art work they did at school. If you don’t have the heart to throw them away like me then here are a few fun ideas.

Display them on your walls around the house.You can find these wall hangers available at Ikea in the kitchen section.

Place them in photo albums with the year and grade they were in.

One of my favorites is turning them into place mats! How adorable is this?

We love these storage boxes. They make organizing so easy and it keeps all your drawers and your kids drawers neat and tidy. The boxes are available at Ikea.

When it comes to organizing the kids playroom I have found that Pottery Barn and Ikea have the best options. Adorable kid tables and chairs, and modern storage solutions.

Do you have any organizational tips you would like to share with other mommies ? Please drop us an email and we would gladly share your tip ;)

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