29 photos every parent must take of their baby

There is not greater way to collect momories than with a baby book. Make sure your baby book rocks with these tips.

1. Leaving the hospital

Everyone takes photos in the hospital, but you should get one on the way out, too. It’s a huge moment!

2. Sporting a funny onesie

It’ll be even funnier in 20 years.

3. Feet

Even people who hate feet have to admit that baby feet are freaking adorable. For maximum cuteness put something else in the frame(like your hand) to show just how tiny they really are.

4. Sleeping

There are lots of photo ops when your baby is awake, but don’t forget to snap some photos when they’re dozing off, too.

5. Hand holding your finger

Looking back you won’t be able to believe their hands were ever this small.

6. Ear

It’s the little details – like the look and shape of your baby’s ears – that will be the hardest to remember later on.

7. Hair

Your kid’s hair will never be the same as it was when they were a baby. Capture it!

8. Waving

Waving is one of the very first ways your baby will communicate with the world. Wave back, then snap a photo!

9. Wearing a cute hat

These shots are adorable and do a great job of highlighting your baby’s features.

10. Wearing your glasses

A baby wearing glasses is just plain funny.

11. With your partner

You think you’ll get plenty of these shots, but it’s all too easy to let weeks (or even months) go by without taking one.

12. Crawling

Babies go from crawling to walking in the blink of an eye, so capture your baby’s crawling form while you have the chance.

13. Smile

You’ll want to get as many shots of your baby’s glorious smile as possible.

14. Back

You’ll have plenty of photos of your baby from the front. Get one of your baby’s sweet back, too.

15. With their grandparents

Your baby will cherish these photos when they’re older.

16. With their siblings

Capture these sweet moments before they’re teenagers and bickering over who gets to use the bathroom.

17. With their cousins

Cousins can be almost as close as siblings (and sometimes are). The first time your baby meets their cousins is a moment you’ll be glad to have photos of in the future.

18. With your friends kids

These will be super fun to share with your friends (and their kids) in the future.

19. Teething

It may be hard to believe now, but one day you’ll crack up at these photos as you remember how your baby was constantly gnawing on things.

20. First solid food

They’re going to eat three meals a day for the rest of their life, but the first is guaranteed to be the cutest.

21. Entire immediate family

Many families fail to get this shot because they have no one to take it, but that’s a mistake. Do what you must to make it happen!

22. You and the baby

If you’re the photographer in the family it’s all too easy to take photos of everyone with the baby but yourself. Make getting one of you and the baby a priority!

23. Cruising

It doesn’t matter if your baby is getting around with a little help from grandma or using the couch for balance. You need this shot.

24. First laugh

The only thing that’s almost as cute as the sound of your baby’s laughter is the look on their face.

25. A perspective shot

Take a photo of your baby sitting next to a stuffed animal, then repeat the same shot each month to chart your baby’s growth.

26. With a favorite toy

Someday this photo will take you back to when your baby loved on his favorite toy with all of his heart.

27. First steps

This amazing milestone is one you don’t want to miss.

28. Re-create a shot from your childhood

Have a favorite photo of yourself as a baby? Take a similar one of your baby, then frame the two side-by-side.

29. Cake smash.

And, of course, you definitely  want to film your baby going crazy on a cake at their first birthday.

Article written by: Besma Al-Qurtas – Founder of Pixie Studio

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