Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

We all know how hard it is to cope with a new baby let alone think about loosing weight. After the baby is born there a few things that you can do that can slowly help shed the baby weight and one of the well known secrets is “breastfeeding” Here are a few tips that might help get you started.

Tip 1 – Weight loss will help you:

  • Look and feel better.
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and stroke.

Tip 2 – Wait six weeks after your baby’s birth to actively start weight loss.

  • Your body needs time to rebuild after giving birth.
  • Remember that each body is different so do not pressure yourself into fitting into those size 4 jeans.

Tip 3 – To lose weight, eat smart.

  • Choose foods from the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Select lower fat, high fiber foods and watch portion sizes.
  • Eat regular meals; don’t skip meals.
  • Try to eat at least five fruits and vegetables each day.

Tip 4 – Lose weight slowly, about one to two pounds a week.

(If breastfeeding, no more than one pound a week.)

  • Avoid strict diets.
  • Combine smart eating with physical activity.

Tip 5 – Be physically active for 30 minutes most days, if not every day.

  • Find activities you can enjoy.
  • Pick activities that fit your lifestyle.

Bottom line: To reach and stay at a healthy weight, eat smart and be physically active.

Information provided by the South Carolina Health & Environmental Council

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