Center of The Arts

The Center of the Arts is a newly launched world class arts facility dedicated for young creative minds aged three and up and adults to explore and develop a true appreciation for the arts in an imaginative and surreal environment which nurtures these talents develops them and offers a platform to share the limitless boundaries of creativity.

The Center of the Arts prides itself by housing the most talented instructors from across the globe which will help guide the students in various programs provided by the institute may it be in the arts of dance and ballet, painting & pottery, photography, or even our dedicated private piano and oud lessons; these are just some of the various programs that The Center of the Arts  has to offer. Moreover the Center’s aim is to support the interests of its students by providing a gateway for them to connect with the wider creative community by hosting various innovative events in the in-house exhibition venue which will showcase their talents and provide them with a platform to express and share.

Here are a few of their available programs:


For more information call them on 22282130

Follow them on Instagram: art_kw

or visit their website


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