Innosense feeding range by Mothercare

Mothercare have finally launched their Innosense feeding range. The Innosense feeding range is divided into three ranges:

  1. breastfeeding
  2. bottle feeding
  3. sterilisation

The Innosense Breastfeeding range includes:

  • A unique Electric Breast Pump that locks into 3 positions/angles allowing the mom to personalise her hold position and providing her with ultimate comfort.
  • Pre-sterilised, BPA free Breast Milk Storage Bags are ready to use with a simple press and seal closure, the storage bags have a write on tab to label important information to keep track of supplies.
  • Brightly colored Bottle Caps that can be spotted easily while they are stored in the fridge/freezer, the caps fit any size of Innosense bottles.
  • Soft silicone Nipple Shields are ideal for temporary use for sore nipples, the shields come in two sizes S/M for newborn or M/L for older babies, also they come packed in a hygienic case which is great for travel.
  • A super soft Breastfeeding Shawl made out of bamboo fibre, comforting for the mom and soft on the baby’s skin, it allows discreet breastfeeding while allowing eye contact with the baby.

The Innosense Bottle Feeding range includes:

  • A unique feature to the Wide Neck Bottles is its off-center teat which ensures to keep the teat full of milk while hardly tilting the bottle at all.
  • The method to assemble the Silicone Teats is as easy as pinch, place, push, pop! There are four flow types which are clearly marked on the teat: Slow Flow = 0m+ Medium Flow = 3m+ Fast Flow = 6m+ Vari Flow = 3m+
  • Unique to Mothercare, the Silicone Tongs are made out of soft and flexible silicone providing an easy and hygienic way to handle your baby’s feeding equipment to protect from germs.
  • The Newborn Starter Set is an eight piece set perfect for getting you started with bottle feeding. It includes bottles, teats, silicone tongs, bottle brush, and teat brush.

The Innosense Sterilisation and Warming range includes:

  • The Electric Steam Steriliser is a flexible system, designed for minimum, medium and maximum loads. It gives you fast and efficient sterilisation in just 7 minutes. It holds 6 bottles or a breast pump plus accessories and you can continue to use it for your weaning equipment too.
  • The lightweight Microwave Steriliser is great for home and travel. It sterilises in 4-6 minutes and will stay sterile for 24 hours if the lid is not removed.
  • The safe and simple Cold Water Steriliser is ideal for travel and moms on-the-go. It is used along with the Sterilising Bags and the Sterilising Fluid or Tablets.
  • The Bottle and Food Warmer s simply operated by a push on/off button and will warm your baby’s milk or food quickly and evenly. It has a lift out basket to allow safer handling when hot, while the hot water drips back into the warmer.
The innosense feeding range is the perfect start for a new parent. Easy, compact and designed with mommy and baby in mind.
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